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The Alam Shia Panja in golden color with stones is a significant symbol of Shia Islam home decor, holds great reverence among followers of Hazrat abbas (as), particularly during important events like Muharram, Ashura and also during Milaad.

Alam is a valuable addition to any Shia household, serving as a poignant Islamic home decor piece. It can be employed as an embellishment during private Majalis, Milaad held at home or Imam bargah.

Perfect for personal devotion, gifting, or as a cherished addition to your sacred space, this Panja of Hazrat Abbass (as) transcends its size. It’s a tangible expression of faith, resilience, and the enduring legacy of Karbala.

Elevate your Home Azakhana with the spiritual presence of Ya Abbas (as) through this remarkable panja stand.

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